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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Booking Conditions

Your booking will be confirmed by email once the booking fee has been processed.  If you have already transferred the booking fee and we find that your booking requirements can not be met, we will refund you our booking fee.


In the unlikely event damage is caused to the caravan interior or exterior the refundable bond will be forfeited. If the damage caused is greater in cost than the bond paid, an invoice for the difference in price will be sent to the lead person.  


Included in this are broken slats to beds, and soiled mattresses.  


A maximum of two dogs are permitted per booking. Some breeds of dog, including those listed in the Dangerous Dog Act are not allowed so check with us when you book.


We accept registered assistance dogs in all of our holiday homes and in all areas of our parks. This means that we can’t guarantee we’ve never had any dogs in any of our accommodation.

Pets should not be left unattended in holiday homes and must not be allowed on bedding or seating. If we think your pet is causing a nuisance or damage you will be required to remove it from the park.


You must clean up after your pet.


If you take a pet into a holiday home which is not booked as pet friendly you will be required to pay an additional fee of £80 for the deep cleaning of the accommodation.  


Dogs must be kept on a lead under the control of a responsible adult at all times and wear a collar with an identity tag.


Pets (other than registered assistance dogs) are not allowed in any facilities or play areas.


Please note, there are restrictions regarding when you can take your dogs on beaches, as well as which parts of the beach you can take your dogs onto.



Our caravans are strictly non-smoking so please do not smoke inside nor in the doorway,  this includes e-cigarettes and vaping.  Respect the area and do not discard your smoked cigarette ends on the floor outside the caravan. If you smoke you will need to supply your own ashtray. Any evidence of smoking will result in the non-return of the bond paid.    

Contact us immediately if you have any concerns or an issue to report.


If any guests are found to be committing any illegal activity they will be escorted from the park and any monies paid will NOT be refunded.

Numbers in your party

Our licence agreement with Parkdean states we are unable to rent to SINGLE SEXED GROUPS IE: NO STAG OR HEN PARTIES; No under 25’s.

We may refuse holiday bookings for single occupancy.

We do not accept bookings from or allow anyone to stay on a holiday park who is or has been listed on the Violent and Sex Offenders Register (or any register which supersedes this), or anyone who is subject to a Sexual Risk Order, Child Abduction Notice or any similar order, court proceedings or register. By making a booking, you are confirming that no one in your party is or has been on any such register, subject to any such order or otherwise the subject of any such court proceedings.

Parkdean Resorts Terms and Conditions 

We have enclosed a link to information relating to “When you're on holiday”.  This section covers: Children; Smoking; Pets; Personal Possessions; Park Facilities; Entertainment; Gambling Restrictions; The holiday park; Your car and other vehicles; behaviour on park; Filming and photography and entry. Please review the content ahead of your stay.


If you require any further information please contact us via our email address,

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